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LBAN 2020 Investment Statistics 

Luxembourg Business Angel Network is the only private investors network in the country and has an important role in pushing forward the Luxembourg startup ecosystem. With strong ties with different public and private players in the region, LBAN has an excellent network of investors delivering real results by investing in scalable startups in Luxembourg, Greater Region and beyond. 

Despite the uncertainties that manifested across all sectors in 2020, here at LBAN we continued our usual monthly pitching events by moving online and hosting about 5-7 startups during each session. LBAN uses a standardized on-boarding procedure: (1) startups can submit their documents on our deal flow platform (GUST), (2) the LBAN Investment Committee screens the startups on a weekly basis and assesses their attractiveness, and (3) the Investment Committee then invites the most interesting startups to pitch for our business angels every month.

At the end of each year, we collect the investment information from our business angels and measure the results. The survey asks our investors about their investments, the amounts invested, the sectors, type of investments made and more. We are proud to share some of these results!


investment by sector

Alongside the sectors that are usually getting enough attention in Luxembourg, like FinTech, sectors like Advertising, Digital Marketing, Web Services attracted investments in 2020, clearly driven by the need on the market for digitization. Generally speaking, LBAN business angels do not have a strict sector focus and they tend to invest in promising startups in all areas of activity.

Annual Investment Size

Our members typically deploy more than EUR 100,000 per year, quite a few even more than EUR 250,000. LBAN business angels usually form groups around interesting deals and they invest in several startups per year.

investment size per BA
Type of investment used by LBAN investors

Investment Types

LBAN business angels most commonly choose equity type of investments. Other options, like convertible debt and preferred equity, are also frequently used. 

Channels to find investment opportunities

When asked about the relevant channels to find good investment opportunities, the majority source them directly from the LBAN Community.

Relevant channels to find investment opportunities

If you are a startup founder, interested to pitch for LBAN investors, please visit this section of our website, or contact us directly via the contact form. If you are an individual investor, interested to join the LBAN community, please get it touch with us at