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Request for Proposals for LBAN Training Programme

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

About LBAN

LBAN’s mission is to provide quality investment opportunities to our members and to equip them with appropriate tools to optimize their investment decisions in early-stage ventures. With close links to the entrepreneurial community in Luxembourg as well with the government, we ensure that the requirements of the early-stage investor community are not only heard, but acted upon. We seek to unlock the potential of private investors and help entrepreneurs to thrive, in Luxembourg and beyond.

Scope of Services

LBAN wishes to revamp its training programme to provide participants with the theory of early-stage investing and include these aspiring angels in the ongoing activities of LBAN’s Investment Committee from the start.

Programme Features

LBAN’s Training Programme will take place in an in-person setting to allow our members to share learnings with peers and interactively learn from each other.

Nevertheless, to allow for flexibility and efficiency of virtual learning, as we have all experienced during the past few years, all modules will be recorded and accessible to the participants for replay for six months.

The modules will be provided by experienced investors and serial entrepreneurs who share their knowledge with participants.

The sessions will be practical with use-cases based on investments LBAN is currently managing and tailored to the Luxembourg ecosystem with an exposition of local stakeholders and their roles.

Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences and raise any issues they face or have experienced in the past.

We offer favourable pricing to our LBAN members at EUR 100 per training hour. Non-members are also allowed to attend for EUR 150 per training hour. Prices are subject to 17% VAT.

Proposal Submission

We are looking for experienced investors and serial entrepreneurs who are willing to train the participants around a variety of topics (see enclosed the Course Modules and Schedule template). Please also refer to the enclosed Training Programme presentation for more details on each module.

Technical Proposal

We are pleased to request proposals from prospective trainers with the following information:

- Your CV;

- A brief summary of your training credentials, and the rationale why you would like to assist LBAN in providing this training;

- Which module(s) you would like to lead, and the rationale on why you would be the best trainer to teach these;

- A proposed workplan and timeline to prepare the training module(s), including the prospective date (taking into account the high-level schedule enclosed), the proposed duration of the training module(s), and the format (in-person vs digital vs hybrid).

Financial Proposal

- Please provide your fee estimate based on the training module(s) proposed and the estimated fee for each module (expressed in terms of ‘number of training hours to be delivered’ x ‘euros per hour’).

Interested trainers are encouraged to engage with the LBAN team before submission and shall submit their proposal in writing to, copying by 17h00 CEST on 31 July 2022.

For more information about the planned Training Programme, please see the document below:

LBAN - Training Programme 2022-2023
Download PDF • 420KB

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