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LBAN Investment Stories: EcoPetBox Secured Investment of €500k

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

EcoPetBox is an Estonian manufacturing company for nature-friendly and biodegradable pet products. The product is quickly and easily disposable tray, suitable to use in all conditions.

EcoPetBox is lightweight, aesthetic, minimalistic as well as environmentally friendly.

It is liquid-proof, but biodegradable.

"We are very grateful for LBAN for taking the first step and then taking a lead in the whole round which encouraged other investors to jump on board."

CEO of the EcoPetBox - Priit Saarniit.

The investment came through few sources, where LBAN acted as a lead investor.

"Team EcoPetBox found LBAN to be a group of very experienced people. The process of preparing and closing for investment was very thorough, but at the same time quick and transparent. Through the investment we didn’t only gain finances, but also a fantastic team who will surely help EcoPetBox to grow into a globally recognizable brand."

EcoPetBox has also won the title of Most Sustainable Disposable Litter Box 2020 @ The Leading Innovators of Eco-Friendly Pet Products. We look forward to seeing EcoPetBox team pursing their vision of become a globally leading brand and eventually replacing the plastic use by biodegradable products within the pet industry.

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