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LBAN New Manager

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

About Teona Khubutia

We would like to officially welcome our new manager, Teona Khubutia to the LBAN Team!

Previously, she worked on building communities across different sectors with a wide range of geographic backgrounds. She has incredible expertise in governance policies, learning/training management, establishing youth networking platforms, and creating experiences throughout large scale events. So, in other words, she is a perfect fit!

Teona has a degree in International Relations and is a proud alumni of the University of Luxembourg. She also speaks a couple of languages such as French, English, Russian, and Luxemburgish which will certainly help her in communicating and integrating with our community even more. Teona is excited to be part of LBAN where she will contribute to the growing startup and business angel ecosystem here in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region. She is in it to make a difference and ready to expand the LBAN community.

Fun facts: Teona loves spending time outdoors in nature, regardless of weather conditions. She loves to play tennis and has a passion for world cuisine and good wine.

“I am very happy to be part of the LBAN, a community that fosters social and economic impact. Our network supports scaling businesses, creates jobs, and contributes to a bigger goal which is to make Luxembourg a startup nation. I'm in it to make a difference and to support our angel investors and entrepreneurs in meeting these objectives." - Teona Khubutia

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