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LBAN Investment Stories: Yotako Raised €1 Million

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Yotako is a Luxembourgish startup providing SaaS platform that bridges the gap between web/mobile designers and engineering teams.

Yotako's tool will help companies of all sizes bridge the gap between their designers & engineer team!

The company’s seed investment comes partly from LBAN and private investors, including existing investors from previous funding, as well as from public funds. It hasn't been disclosed what the final valuation of the investment is. This consistent growth is fueled by registered users that span all around the world and has seen steady growth in recent years.

"LBAN helped us from day one. Not only by bringing value with contacts but also by challenging our business model and helping us in many more ways that we could not even foresee."

CEO and Founder of Yotako, Alfonso Garcia Frey.

"We are really excited to work with investors that succeeded with incredible companies in the digital world, experienced in SaaS models, technology, as well as some BAs with great legal and international management experience."

The Yotako platform seamlessly integrates design and engineering teams by allowing designers to use their favorite tools like Adobe XD, Sketch, Photoshop or even Balsamiq among others while translating designs into multiple programming languages quickly with a single click.

The engineering team can work with whatever programming frameworks they’re already using without having to change anything as they export through our plug-in into any file format or stack framework! This is very exciting because now creative and technical teams are able to work side-by-side in order to create beautiful and functional interfaces.

"LBAN business angels can bring a lot of value at each stage of our company growth. They've already shown they're supporting us to "make it happen". We're all really excited to learn from the best!"

If you would like to raise funds through LBAN, please get in touch with us, check out the criteria for startups and fill out your company profile at the LBAN deal-flow platform.

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