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LBAN Pitching Events 2020 (First semester)

Updated: Sep 17, 2022


A big part of being an entrepreneur is dreaming big. In today’s world and especially in these critical times it couldn’t be more important. Here at LBAN, we believe in showing continuous support and boosting our startup community today more than ever. At the start of 2020, we continued to provide a space for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas in person and online to our community of Business Angles in order to get potential investments, partnerships, and exposure.

In the first semester of 2020 from January to July, we have successfully had 7 pitching sessions: 2 in-person / 5 online with an average of 20 BAs and incredible startups such as:

· AC Biode - We are developing the world's first standalone AC (Alternating Current) battery and special electric circuits for e-mobility and energy storage.

· Aptivio - Capitalizing on the $9Bn AI Sales Assistant wave, Aptivio is the first Sentient Opportunity Cloud for dynamically coaching B2B Sales Reps directly in CRM.

· ASETS-LUX sarl - We create Technology company working on Web simulation for engineering and design companies for reducing engineering cycles by 70%.

· BLAUHILL - The Digital Investment Platform for Real Assets.

· Bondweaver - an AI HR tool that increases your company's productivity and the well-being of your employees.

· eduGamiTec - - an environment for entertaining education.

· e-Health Valley - Venture-builder working with healthcare organizations to co-create digital health start-ups.

· EMAILTREE AI - Hyper automation to reply to emails in seconds!

· HuMiX Biosciences - Talk to the microbiome to develop better therapies.

· Impulse Fitness - The main idea is to gather fitness influencers on the same online platform but also to give them the freedom to offer their dietetic and sports program.

· leanspace - The first Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for Space Engineering.

· MaGrid - Our solution, MaGrid, enables all young students including ones with language difficulties, hearing impaired, and second-language learners to learn math.

· Nium - Nium is developing a solution to provide easy to follow dietary guidance by analyzing each individual's metabolism, gut-health, and lifestyle.

· Odilia - Odilia is an independent investment marketplace connecting qualified & institutional investors to premium private markets deals.

· OUR CHOICE - We are the first choice for sustainable fashion.

· Paywoke - All-in-one Saas solution for B2B customers, who strive to use digital services including KYC, AML, Credit history, and scoring in a seamless manner.

· Placense - Placense is a platform providing real-time information about physical foot traffic worldwide.

· Serpico - Web application for collaborative, verifiable, and participatory performance monitoring for employees.

· Stampify - The first legal and digital platform aggregating all your Governance duties.

· Swiftr - It's too expensive to pay for several gym memberships and you need to choose between niche studio quality or the variety at a gym chain. Swiftr gets you both!

· Viantro - Viantro is turning analog healthcare recruiting agency business into a disruptive digital platform business.

· Vimbee - Vimbee is a global, thematic & industry-independent platform that empowers companies to leverage real-time & language-independent consumer information & insight.

· Yollty - Yollty is a mobile loyalty solution and a marketing automation tool that helps SMBs to run marketing with minimal effort and technical skills.

· Zestylawyer - we help tenants and landlords manage their relationship and resolve any legal issue in an automatized way

· Zportsn - is an online recruitment and career management platform for pro, semi-pro, and top amateur sports teams, players, coaches, team officials, and agents.

We have had the pleasure to host all these incredible startups and you can be next!

If you are a startup with an amazing proposition looking for funding, then you can apply to Gust and start your journey with us.


Pitch Rules: The rules are simple and easy. Each company usually has 5-10 minutes to pitch their project, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A from our selected panel.

The Process to Apply: As a startup, the process to apply is by simply entering our deal flow on our Gust platform.

What is Gust? The Gust platform is created to simplify the process for entrepreneurs to get in contact with angel investors. Gust is a platform used by angel investors worldwide and the platform supports thousands of accredited investors across 80+ countries.

What can a startup do with Gust?

· Create a Startup Profile: Your startup profile serves as a universal funding application accepted by all investors using the Gust platform

· Control Who Sees What: A startup can choose which information to share publicly and which to share privately with accredited investors

· Share Documents Securely: A startup can upload and selectively share business documents with potential accredited investors.

The Process to Become a BA: If you are aspiring to become a Business Angel you can apply on our website. Here at LBAN we provide angles with networking, training, deal-flow, and much more. If you are interested in becoming an LBAN member please email or visit our website at for more information.


For start-ups, raising funds to go forward in their projects is always a challenge. Facilitating this and gathering innovative project holders and business angels to come together for a pitching event is one of the key objectives of LBAN. We always look for the opportunity to share our networks and bring our community together. With that, we are proud to have partnered with local incubators at the University of Luxembourg, Silversquare, Lux Future Lab, and Innovation hub BGL BNP Paribas for some of our events.

We look forward to the 2nd part of our LBAN pitching events in 2020 and excited to hear from the next entrepreneurs their promising and innovative business proposals.

“Always remember…never stop being GREAT"

Written by: Mika

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