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Angel Academy

Presenting LBAN’s new training programme, the Angel Academy

We have witnessed renewed interest for bespoke education around early-stage investing and Luxembourg’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.


In response, we continue to offer training programs to provide participants with the theory of early-stage funding.

We include these aspiring angels in the ongoing activities of our Investment Committee to further their understanding with real-life, practical examples.

Our trainings will take place in an in-person setting to allow our members to share learnings with peers and interactively learn from each other.​ 
Each module has a fee between 200 and 375 Euros.

The modules will be provided by experienced investors and serial entrepreneurs who share their knowledge with participants.​


The sessions will be practical with use cases based on investments LBAN is currently managing and tailored to the Luxembourg ecosystem with an exposition of local stakeholders and their roles. As such, we request participants to sign an NDA.​


Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences and raise any issues they face or have experienced in the past.

For details, please check out the brochure below. The dates of each module can be viewed on page 5 of the brochure

Level 1
Getting Started with Investing

Learn the foundations of early-stage investing before you make investments.

1.1. Investment Strategy​

1.2. Due Diligence​
1.3. Business Model and Financials​
1.4. Valuation​
1.5. Deal Terms

Level 2
Managing your Portfolio​

Once invested, learn how to manage your existing  investments and look for exits.

2.1. Portfolio Management​
2.2. Follow-on Rounds​
2.3. Exiting Investments​

Level 3
Leading the Deal​

After understanding the key concepts, learn how to take an active role and run the due diligence and negotiations.​

3.1. Advanced Due Diligence​
3.2. Advanced Valuation​
3.3. Advanced Deal Terms​​​

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Join our Academy, enjoy learning about early-stage investment and know how to apply it to Luxembourg entrepreneurial ecosystem, and beyond.

Angel Academy
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