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LBAN Business Angel published a book on Super Entrepreneurship

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Congratulations to Fabrice Testa, LBAN long time angel investor and former Board Member on publishing new book about Super Entrepreneurship.

He tells LBAN team,

‘’As an angel investor, I have met a lot of startup founders, particularly through the LBAN network. Most of them are dreamers, and this is great! But dreaming is not enough. There must be a right way to do it, including preparation and action. I have seen many entrepreneurs elaborating a lot of plans, but they never do it, they get stuck like paralyzed by the fear of failure. Or some are going full speed but without the right preparation. I wanted to write Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded to give to entrepreneurs a proven method so they maximize their chances of success.’'

All across the planet, entrepreneurs and innovators are actively working to solve humanity’s toughest problems. Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded shows step by step how to make that dream a reality, from tackling an insurmountable problem to creating the kind of breakthrough business that can fix it. Readers will learn about the Age of Exponential Acceleration, in which super-entrepreneurs have become motivated to act boldly in solving the world’s biggest problems. They’ll also discover the five secrets of the top super-achievers who are changing the way we travel, eat, work, and simply go about our daily lives. The book is available to purchase on Amazon.

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