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LBAN joined European Business Angel Network (EBAN)

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

The LBAN has recently re-activated its EBAN membership, and we look forward to sharing with our members all the perks that come with the membership.

The network of European BANs, early-stage investors, and family offices, has over 150 members combined. This makes it an excellent platform for the industry experts to network and expand their knowledge of angel investing.

With flagship events, like EU Angel Investment Summit, EBAN Congress, combined with other trainings, workshops and keynotes, this membership allows access for LBAN members to these events as well as preferential offers for various activities.

It feels great to bring LBAN closer to other European BANs through our EBAN membership and take a step forward in strengthening Angel Investing culture within the EU. LBAN team will support our members in making most of this membership, shared deal-flow, angel trainings and wide variety of networking activities.

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