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LBAN Investment Stories : NO BIG DEAL Raised €475K

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

No Big Deal is a software company based in Luxembourg. It is a Mobile Engagement Marketing tool in which businesses incentivise users to perform wellbeing challenges – both physical and mental – for exclusive free or discounted products.

In doing so, businesses can engage their customers while supporting community health. The app is designed based on gamification, digital wellbeing tech, and behavioural economics to make promoting wellbeing an easy, economical choice for brand marketers.

The 3 co-founders created No Big Deal during the pandemic period. They knew how to be different with strong values like: feel good, wellbeing, win-win, healthy habits.

"As I am sure any founder will tell you, fundraising, especially at early stage, is an emotionally taxing ordeal. Your life, your company, the thing that so many of your friends and family trusted you with, is hanging in the balance and there is only so much within your control. In a COVID context, this was magnified even further. All we could do is keep pushing what we knew were the right things to do to demonstrate the potential of No Big Deal, and make sure the right people were aware of it. In the end, capital will find its way to value, and that is what happened when we connected with LBAN”,

Nigel Bergstra, co-founder.

Thanks to this great idea of well-being apps, their families and friends support them financially. It was for first step for the No Big Deal team.

Second step, No Big Deal was selected by LBAN for a financial support and benefits from the expertise of business angels.

“Once the process began, it was quite efficient in terms of decision making. This was very beneficial as it let us crack on with what we do best – growing the company. We are extremely happy to have the investors we do – they are experienced in supporting companies through large series A investments and beyond, they have valuable networks, and, most importantly, they believe in our concept as much as we do”,

Nigel Bergstra, co-founder.

Thanks to the support from LBAN business angels, No Bid Deal is going to expand in other cities and develop its network of exclusive partners.

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