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Are you Fundraising?

If you are an entrepreneur with a promising and innovative business proposal looking for private funding, we would love to hear from you. We are always keen on learning more about scalable and disruptive projects. Submit your project to LBAN today!

Connecting you with over 100 LBAN Business Angels  and facilitating the investment round

LBAN has a strong community of angel investors who invest in scalable and promising startups. We provide crucial tools, resources and opportunities to support early-stage investment scene in Luxembourg and beyond. 

Our business angels provide more than just capital. They share deep industry knowledge and connections as well as business advice on growing and scaling ventures, which are rooted in their own experience as entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professional investors. 

What We Look For

What We Offer


Startups bringing a systemic solution to an existing problem or generating a disruption that will change the business paradigms.

Business Models 

Startups with the potential to be easily replicated, quickly expanded across regions and adaptive in case of changing users' patterns.

Led by 
Strong Teams

It is widely accepted that an A-class team can successfully realise a B-class idea, but a B-class team cannont get an A-class idea off the ground.

"We are extremely happy to have the investors from LBAN – they are experienced in supporting companies through large series A investments and beyond, they have valuable networks, and, most importantly, they believe in our concept as much as we do”

Nigel Bergstra

co-founder of The Big Deal

Submit Your Startup Profile 

Submit your startup profile to our deal-flow and become visible to over hundred business angels of LBAN

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