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For Business Angels

Providing an active and supportive community for early-stage investors and supporting your journey as a business angel.

Supporting, guiding and servicing over 100 LBAN Business Angel Members to find success in their investment journey.

Luxembourg is the ideal gateway to the European market for startups. At the core of its ecosystem, the Luxembourg Business Angel Network plays a key role in helping founders to accelerate innovation and close the funding gap at Seed or pre-Series A stage.


Business Angels give lifetime support to the startups by providing expert advise and network. LBAN is active in the startup ecosystem since 2011. Currently with over 100 angel members, LBAN invests yearly about 7 million euros into scalable startups of all sectors in Luxembourg and beyond. 

What We Offer


Discover the most promising new start-ups to invest in and connect with co-investors, in Luxembourg, the Greater Region and beyond! We attract highly scalable startups of all sector to our deal-flow platform. Our Investment Committee thoroughly screens the startup profiles and invites the selected ones to our monthly pitching events.

Deal-by-Deal Vehicle

With LBAN co-investment vehicle we make angel investment more accessible to various profiles of angel investors. It allows more efficient due diligence, reducing risks by diversifying investment, and allowing emerging business angels to enter a deal with smaller capital and learn by doing.


Through LBAN partnership with an European VC, our members can directly invest in Pan-European deals, giving them access to more mature Series startups and diversified sector.


Upskill and build your knowledge through a dedicated early-stage investing program. LBAN Angel Academy covers all levels of early-stage investment and allows participants to be involved in an on-going due diligence of LBAN portfolio startups.


Access ready-to-use contracts and investment guides to assist you on your journey. LBAN offers a comprehensive set of useful guides, contract templates and exclusive offers for our members.

Network & Partnerships

Connect with our members and get a fast-track introduction to the Luxembourg ecosystem. Find your co-investors. Our network is a group of highly experienced individuals from various industries.  In addition, LBAN is a key actor in Luxembourg ecosystem and beyond.  We continuously establish partnership deals with various ecosystem players and give access to our members to those benefits.


Interested in joining LBAN?

Apply for LBAN membership to begin your journey as an angel investor. Discover high quality deal-flow and training, build meaningful connections, and enable the next start-up success stories!

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