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Connecting Entrepreneurs
and Angel Investors  

Unlocking the potential to thrive in Luxembourg and beyond.
Business Angel Network

We provide quality investment opportunities to our members and equip them with appropriate tools and training, so they can improve their investment decisions and better manage their portfolios.

Our business angels provide more than just capital to startups. They share deep industry knowledge and connections as well as business advice, all necessary for scaling ventures.

With close links to the entrepreneurial community and the government, we ensure that the requirements of the early-stage investor community are not only heard but acted upon.  


What We Do

We provide the crucial tools, resources and opportunities to assist angel investors make the right decisions on their start-up investment journey.

Deal flow & Co-investing

We offer diversified investment opportunities through a curated deal-flow we actively match scalable startups with private investors. Our members can also invest through LBAN co-investment vehicle or co-invest in Pan-European deals with early-stage VC firms.

Training & Investment Materials

Brought by experienced investors to aspiring business angels, LBAN Angel Academy covers all levels of early-stage investment and allows participants to be involved in an on-going due diligence of LBAN portfolio startups to understand a theory from real-life cases. 

Research & Lobbying

We work closely with both public and private organisations and are committed to protect the interest of the early-stage investment market and ensure the representation of this sector in front of all relevant stakeholders.

Latest News

At the heart of Luxembourg startup ecosystem, we bring our community to the forefronts of innovation. Check out our news channel to learn more about our activities.  

Our Partners

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