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Meet our Angels: Olivier Macaigne

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

About yourself

Current Roles: Managing the LUXPROJECT DEVELOPMENT investment fund

Hails from: France

Education: Engineer & Executive MBA

First Job: IT Developer

Hobbies: Traveling

Most admired entrepreneur or investor, and why: All entrepreneurs who succeed with the sweet of their brow and their intelligence whether it is a big company or a VSE

How did you begin angel investing?

How did you get involved with angel investing?

These ideas bring added value to customers and work to our tables need funds.

How do you find the companies for investments as a business angel? Which ways work best for you? These ideas bring added value to customers and work to our tables.

What was your first angel investment?

A small new company in the construction sector

What was your most meaningful investment?

The takeover of a large company with several hundred employees.

You & LBAN

Why did you decide to join LBAN? Join a network that shares the same goals


How do you find the companies for investments as a business angel? Which ways works best for you?

The investment comes from our network. When we start this activity, we were afraid to never find projects. Very quickly, the projects come naturally comes along.

How do you evaluate deals? What are your investment criteria and the qualities you are looking for?

- Added-value of more than 50%teria :

- Added-value of more than 50%

- Positive Cashflow

- the profession can be part of our group logic

- low investment in cash to start the activity

Considering being a generalist rather than a specialist, are you looking for some reasonable metrics which helps you to make a decision on a particular investment? No more than our 4 criteria and our capacity to integrate new deals.

Your Investments

Can you explain the motivation behind your investments?

The wonder to see the projects being created and prospering. Seeing the transformation of ideas into a value-added production tool.

As a business angel, how do you support your portfolio companies? In which ways do you help start-up further accelerate their growth?

We take control of the companies. We are deploying our management tools. We are implementing management control.

We participate in the commercial effort by opening our address books.

The companies integrate the group and our companies for strong commercial competition.

Tips & Advice

What were your lessons learned from previous investments? All new investment is a new adventure

Do you have any advice for new angel investors? Work, work and work!

Which are the most important qualities of a good business angel? Have an open mind and a lot of humility.

In your opinion, is it better to become a business angel investor and not just invest in a VC fund? As a business angel, we participate in human adventures. These are the projects that are exciting and that motivate me.

Do you have any other pieces of advice?

Business angel or investor is a profession and like any profession, it can be learned. You have to be patient, work, listen, learn, make mistakes and start again.

Thank you very much for such insights! It was a pleasure speaking with you. I hope our members will also enjoy this interview. Sonia FRANCK

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