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LBAN Welcomes Board of 2024

Updated: Apr 22

At LBAN, every milestone is a testament to our collective dedication and unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Luxembourg. This week marked a significant moment as we gathered for our annual general assembly to reflect on our progress, communicate key updates, and chart the course ahead. 

The assembly served as a platform to celebrate the challenges we've overcome, and the impact we continue to have on the entrepreneurial landscape. Members convened to delve into the intricacies of our achievements, discuss strategies for the future, and reaffirm our shared vision of driving innovation forward. 

One of the highlights of the general assembly is the announcement of the new board of 2024, a pivotal moment that sets the tone for the year ahead. Comprised of esteemed leaders and visionaries from diverse sectors, the new board brings a wealth of expertise and fresh perspectives to guide LBAN towards continued growth and success.  

With gratitude, we bid farewell to esteemed board members Arnold Spruit and Olivier Keiser for their invaluable support over the past years. Join us in extending a warm welcome to our new board members, Tulin Tokatli and Ronaldo Rossi. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with them on exciting ventures ahead. The Board of 2024:   Michel Rzonzef, President   Romain Hoffmann, Vice-President    Philippe Linster, Treasurer  Christophe Bianco, Secretary  Thierry de Poerck   Tülin Tokatli  Ronaldo Rossi 

We are grateful to Banque Internationale à Luxembourg for graciously hosting us at this occasion. Their generous contribution highlights the power of collaboration in driving positive change within our community. Additionally, we had the pleasure of enjoying a guided tour by the Luxembourg artist Sumo Artwork of his art collection exhibited at BIL.   We extend our gratitude to our member community, business angels, and associate partners who support us on this journey. As we look to the future with determination, LBAN remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering entrepreneurs, fostering innovation, and fostering the ecosystem.  

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