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Angel stories with Laurence Jenoudet

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

About yourself

Current Roles: Chief Financial Officer

Education: HEC Paris MBA

First Job: Arthur Andersen

Work Attire: business casual

Hobbies: Running, Ski, Golf, Travel

Most admired entrepreneur or investor, and why:

Martha Stewart: American entrepreneur who created a lifestyle empire already 40 years

ago, when there were no female entrepreneurs.

How did you begin angel investing?

How did you get involved with angel investing?

Through my own interest for startups

What was your first angel investment?

A small startup based in Lyon proposing running routes using geolocalisation

What was your most meaningful investment?

Ignisign, a legally binding digital signature as an API, based in Luxembourg.

It is easy to integrate, secure and cost effective. IgniSign is eIDAS compliant. Its pricing model allows you to develop and test for free while paying only in production (no upfront commitment, pay per signature). With its 3 modes, embedded, managed and full privacy, IgniSign can match all types of workflows.

What is your almost unmentionable secret as an investor?

I would not invest in what I do not understand 100%

You & LBAN

Why did you decide to join LBAN?

To be part of a network of investors

What benefits did you find in LBAN?

Meeting people with the same interest as me in startups, share our different point of views and experience.


How do you find the companies for investments as a business angel? Which ways works best

for you?

Through my own network (school, friends, …) and LBAN, of course!

How do you evaluate deals? What are your investment criteria and the qualities you are

looking for?

Startups that have a clear value proposition or service

Are you looking for some specific metrics which helps you to make a decision on a particular investment?

After clear value proposition, revenue and margin per client

Your Investments

Can you explain the motivation behind your investments?

Be part of a great journey

As a business angel, how do you support your portfolio companies? In which ways do you

help start-up further accelerate their growth?

Coming from Corporate Finance, advice on efficient and lean ways of operating, and scalability.

Tips & Advice

What were your lessons learned from previous investments?

Keep giving advice to founders to reach relevant clients (B2B instead of B2C for example)

Do you have any advice for new angel investors?

Invest only in what you clearly understand.

Which are the most important qualities of a good business angel?

Advice on arears of expertise.

In your opinion, is it better to become a business angel investor or invest in a VC


Both are very interesting because they relate to the entrepreneurial journey.

Do you have any other pieces of advice?

Try to invest in more diverse founders, including women!
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