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LBAN Announces New President and Board of 2023

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Last week at LBAN General Assembly session, the board appointed new president and announced new board composition.

LBAN Board of 2023 is composed as follows:

After three years of dedicated work, progress for the association and growth achieved in start-up investments, Stephan Peters is now focusing on his role at the ICFA and handed the presidency to Michel Rzonzef. Already LBAN board member, Michel initiated multiple successful projects for the association in general, and more particularly the Ecosystem and Investment Committees. Over the last years, our members have invested a total of 45 Million Euros in startups from seed to series A rounds.

The board also brought to the General Assembly updates on LBAN strategy, new governance, new statutes and new code of conduct.

LBAN's steady growth, both in memberships as well as in investments, has been remarkable in the Luxembourg startup ecosystem. Angel investors make a difference by investing at a crucial stage of startup growth. We provide all the necessities for investors, so they can make better investment decisions, including curated deal-flow, a network of co-investors, Angel Academy, and investment materials. LBAN co-investment vehicle, LetzGrow, has been critical in enlarging LBAN investment capabilities.

The work of LBAN manager, Teona Khubutia, has been instrumental in implementing the growth strategies and delivering these results.

LBAN AGM was hosted at our Corporate Partner's LALUX Assurances headquarters in Luxembourg.

Thanks to Jerome Wiwinius for an interesting presentation of the history of LALUX and how it was brought to us to today. The event was concluded by networking reception.

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