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Crypta Labs secures £2.7m funding

Crypta Labs secures £2.7m funding for its Quantum based encryption technologies.

Denis Bidinost, former founder and CEO of NextG-Com, to join the board.

London, UK, [17 June 2019]. Crypta Labs today announces the completion of a £2.7 million (US$ 3.4m) funding round lead by Bloc Ventures and includes £1,000,000 (US$ 1.3m) debt finance from Innovate UK. Crypta Labs is a quantum cybersecurity company which develops IP, hardware and related software using the quantum properties of light to secure highly critical data and communication devices embedded in critical infrastructure for the aerospace, communication, medical, military, and transport sectors.

The investment will allow Crypta Labs to further the development of its Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) IP portfolio and to bring to market the first Quantum-enabled Hardware Security Module (QHSM) ensuring critical infrastructure remains secure in the post-quantum computing world, and to accelerate the roadmap towards a single chip QRNG.

The company first developed its QRNG technology for the UK MoD for robust applications requiring it to withstand extreme external influences such as vibration and temperature fluctuations. All factors which to date have challenged the design of quantum light based RNG