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EBAN Member Benefits

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Did you know that through your LBAN membership you are also an EBAN member?

That means that you are eligible for all (yes all!) EBAN member benefits.

Take a quick look at all the benefits you now have access to thanks to EBAN.

Network at EBAN events

EBAN organises two flagship events each year, the Summit taking place in Brussels every autumn and the Congress happening in a different European city every spring. There you can meet other angel investors, mingle with policy makers and corporates, attend insightful workshops, and spot your next big investment among carefully selected startups or showcase one of your portfolio companies. And as a member you get to join them for free or with huge discounts! That is also the case for many EBAN partner events such as 4YFN, VivaTech, GITEX and many more.

EBAN Self Education Tools

You can never know too much about angel investing! There are always best practices to share, a new blooming sector, or a geographic area presenting unprecedented growth opportunities. That is where EBAN comes in. It gives investors the tools they need to keep on learning and improving as angel investors. Discover their Knowledge Center, EBAN Academy, their workshops and webinars, and most importantly of all, EBAN TV, the newest and groundbreaking addition to the ever growing family of EBAN member benefits!

Develop with EBAN

The EBAN Communities (EBAN IMPACT, EBAN HEALTH, LEADHER, EBAN SPACE, EBAN CEE, EBAN BAN Manager Community) are great places for you to meet other angels investing in your sector or in your geography, exchange best practice advice, investing tips, and even possibly co-invest! Moreover, thanks to EBAN you have the opportunity to participate in EU projects or you can mentor startups in their first steps through the programme ‘’Ask an Angel’’.

Keep up with EBAN

Make sure to regularly consult LBAN team to see most up to date offers offered by EBAN to its member BANs.

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