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Wrap up of LBAN visit to EBAN European Angel Investment Summit (EAIS)

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

On the 11th and 12th of October 2022, LBAN Manager, Board members and our business angels had the pleasure of taking part in the EBAN flagship event, European Angel Investment Summit (EAIS).

EAIS offered a glimpse into the future of angel investing and this year was exceptionally focused on:

  • The fundamental role Business Angels play in advancing innovation.

  • Technology as an enabler for angel investor communities to increase their investment activity, including across borders, and allowing more private individuals to enter the startup investment asset class.

  • Europe's unique advantage compared to the rest of the world when it comes to science driven innovation. Investment in deep-tech and science driven startups will generate solutions to the major challenges, such as climate change, which our society faces.

  • Nurturing investor and startup networks across Europe as a key factor in the years to come if we wish to see more scale-ups and unicorns on our continent.

  • Diversity and inclusion as essential in the startup and investment ecosystem and ways to increase it across Europe.

  • The growth of Angel Investment in Europe, with 90% growth of investment y-o-y and 20% growth in terms of the business angel population.

  • Ways for the EU to bring down the barriers to start new businesses, grow them across borders, and incentivize early-stage investors to support them.

As part of the event, two winning startups stood out among the 31 companies that pitched at the Summit:

  • Swaplanet won the pitching competition "Innovation Showcase".

  • Interstellar Lab was the winner of the "ScaleUp of the Month" competition.

Also, the new EBAN Board for the term 2022-2024 was elected and we are happy to work with them.

To join our community contact us at or get more details on our website.

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