Creating a company is admirable because the task is far from easy, between defining one's project, writing a business plan, financing one's project and making forecasts, it is not always easy.

The place of business angels is at the beginning of the project, during this phase there is generally "love money", i.e. money that is brought in by participatory financing methods: project owners, family, friends, grants, financial aid, etc. This fundraising attracts not only capital, but also angel investors: business angels.

The moment of creation of a company is the moment when Business Angels are most often involved.

"We are extremely happy to have the investors we do – they are experienced in supporting companies through large series A investments and beyond, they have valuable networks, and, most importantly, they believe in our concept as much as we do”, explained Nigel Bergstra co-founder of The Big Deal. Read the article

The LBAN business angel is a private individual who invests part of his or her money in a start-up with high growth potential. Business angels are not patrons. In return for their financial support, they take a stake in the capital of the start-up they are helping to take off. Their vocation is not that of a long-term shareholder. When the start-up is profitable, they generally sell their stake and support other projects.

In addition to injecting equity, the LBAN business angel provides the start-up with his skills, expertise and relational network. His role as an investor reassures and broadens the company's financing horizon towards the banking world to complete the initial investment.







"Luxembourg is an example of a country that brings together people from many different cultures, languages and viewpoints. We at LBAN have more than 100 members of 17 different nationalities. We support quality teams, and team diversity is one of the main keys to success", explained Romain Hoffmann, Board director and Head of investment at the LBAN. Read the article