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LBAN Investment Stories: La Brigade de Véro Raised €2.3 Million to Accelerate their Business

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Based in the south of France since 2017, La Brigade de Véro is a FoodTech startup offering its customers healthy balanced meals delivering directly to their homes.

Véro, the main chef behind the startup, passionate about cooking, starts to cook for her friends and family. Soon after great interest in her circle, she decides to launch a startup, recall her son from London to lead the business and form the Brigade around this healthy food. At first deliveries were made around Alès, then in Gard and Hérault. From January 2018, deliveries are made throughout France.

"LBAN's approach is straight forward and backed by experts, which is rare. For one, I was put in front of experienced C-level with passionate discussions. Secondly, they also had meetings with several C-level in our business to give them guidance. This approach was quite new for us and we loved it."

Arthur Capon, Co-Founder & CEO of LBDV.

The latest fundraising helped the team to expand their kitchen, allowing La Brigade Véro (LBDV) to continue in-house production of all meals. Every week the team of now 40 people cooks and packages 18 000 dishes for their customers, everything direct from local farms and artisans using the newly installed kitchen facilities to help more people eat better. LBAN business angles participated in the deal by contributing 695K € to the round.

"Since LBAN’s investment in the startup, La Brigade de Véro has entered into their new massive kitchen (2500m2) and recruited more than 10 people. It also doubled its revenue and is promised to an even greater growth."

Arthur Capon.

As the customer demand for well-balanced healthy eating increases rapidly in the last years, we are keeping all eyes on LBAN portfolio startup, LBDV to witness the company growth.

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