Become a Business Angel : membership benefits

Be the first to learn about investment opportunities in Luxembourg and beyond

We are a key actor in the early-stage venture ecosystem of Luxembourg and the Greater Region, enabling innovative Entrepreneurs to secure early-stage investment and gain experience in developing their ventures.

We attract highly profitable startups to our deal-flow platform to guarantee that our business angels have the best investment opportunities to select from.

Learn about angel investing through our partners' training

We are aiming at providing appropriate support and training tools to our business angels so that can make better investment decision. Both, for experienced business angels, as well as for those who are new in angel investing, our partners offer curated training matching your specific needs. From EBAN, to Efino, Leapfunder and some more, our partnership deals are available to LBAN members. 

Access our Keynotes and Lunch & Learns


Join us at our Keynotes and hear about what the established entrepreneurs have to share from their experiences of success and failure, from large to medium size enterprises, our keynotes speakers share their expertise and know-how with the LBAN community.

Have preferential access from our partners' deals

LBAN is a key player in local ecosystem and have close ties with large corporates, as well as government. We make sure angel investors interests are heard and met by respective authorities. We continuously establish partnership deals with various ecosystem players and give access to our members to those benefits.

Take advantage of LBAN Buddy system

Connect with our experienced Board Members and get a fast-track introduction to the Luxembourg ecosystem.
While the whole board is available to our members at all times, we have put in place angel buddy system in order to facilitate one-on-one interactions between our experienced business angels and new joiners. You will be assigned one depending on your investment interests as soon as you join LBAN. 

Connect to like-minded individuals, selected group of high net-worth individuals

We have carefully curated system of member selection and history of being based in Luxembourg since many years. Our network is a group of highly experienced individuals from various industries.