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About LBAN

LBAN aims to match private investors with scalable and disruptive start-ups and support private investors in developing their investment skills.

Our activities include:

  • ​​Developing and managing a strong community of private investors

  • Partnering with relevant actors of the local and international start-up ecosystem

LBAN is driven by a board of high-caliber individuals from within the industry and is supported by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

Meet the         team

Stephan Peters - President
Diane Tea - Vice-President and Secretary
Arnold Spruit - Vice-President
Philippe Linster - Treasurer
Romain Hoffmann-Director
Michel Rzonzef
Damien Cabadi- Director
Eric Nolen - Director
Tom Baumert - Director
Elias Chbeir - Director
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Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 10.31.51

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